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Different seasons of the year come with different pest problems. Pests are always looking for safe, warm shelter and reliable food sources. Unfortunately, some of the more appealing places that attract pests are our homes and offices. Since Pests activities influenced by every season, the problems they create differ as to the climate changes. Because most pests have the same habits, you can plan before they invade or create a problem. Contact massey pest & termite control.

Learning about which pests are prevailing at different times helps you design an effective pest-control strategy. However, hiring a professional is still the easiest and safest option to get rid of all pest problems. With more than 35 years of eliminating experience, Massey Pest & Termite Control offer comprehensive pest control service to protect your property year-long. 

Let’s see which pest dominate which season and how Massey Pest & Termite Control can help you!

Seasons and Pests


At flower season, you need protection from the following pests

  • Termites- In springtime, termites start building new colonies and mating. This is the “swarming season”, as termites like warm weather, especially after rain.
  • Clothes moths– In Spring, clothes moths start breeding.
  • Pigeons- The number of pigeons also increase in springtime, so does their droppings amount that can be a dangerous source of diseases.
  • Other spring pests– Other pests include ants, stinging insects, cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs.


Most of the pests like warm, lazy, hazy days to summer including:

  • Mosquitoes– The warm season leads to an increase in mosquitoes breeding and the number of eggs. 
  • Ants- Although spring is the ant season, the actual problem starts in the summer. When the new ant generation starts building new colonies.
  • Cockroaches- The problem of cockroaches can arise ant time of the year but they breed during the summer and start infesting your property on a large scale.
  • Other summer pests– The warm weather can lead to many pests problems includes bedbugs, fleas, birds, and rodents.


As the temperature starts declining, many pests begin to seek shelter indoors. Common pests at this season include:

  • Stink bugs- As their name suggests, these bugs can produce a stink, if they infest your property. When threatened, they produce a strong foul-smelling liquid to protect themselves.
  • Spiders- Like other cold-blooded creatures, spiders also depend on the atmosphere to survive. When autumn comes, these eight-legged creatures start moving in your homes in search of warmth.
  • Other autumn pests– Other common pests include cockroaches and rodents.


The cold temperature is one of the major natural factors that force pests to migrate indoors. Some common pests include:

  • Rats- One of the most destructive pests that damage your property and spread dangerous diseases as well.
  • Mice- Mice also migrate indoor this time of the year search for food, warmth, and shelter. 
  • Other winter pests- With rodents, cockroaches, and fleas move indoors during the winter.

How Massey Pest & Termite Control can help?

Massey Pest & Termite Control offer to customize pest and termite solution that focuses on eliminating and preventing bugs from entering your home. 

Pest Control– The experts of Massey Pest & Termite Control use unique approaches to target the outside pest, identifying and eliminating the conditions, and removing sources of pest activity. Massey offers complete protection from a range of pests includes; ants, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, fleas and all common creatures that invade your house or office

Termite Control- Massey Pest & Termite Control offers comprehensive termite protection program includes- a detailed inspection, customize treatment option, Annual re-inspection, and a 100% work satisfaction guarantee.

Mosquito Control– Itoffers to customize the Mosquito Control program which includes Targeted mosquito treatments, Elimination of conducive conditions, and Quality scheduled treatments once every month during mosquito season.

Bird Control– It also provides bird control and preventative services to residential and commercial customers.

A trusted name for pest control

Massey Pest & Termite Control is famous for its excellent service, environmentally responsible services, and total customer satisfaction. More than 650,000 customers trust Massey Services for Termite Treatment, Pest Control, Lawn Services, Mosquito Services, and Irrigation Maintenance.

Massey provides its service from more than 150 centers throughout Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

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