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Rodent Control

Prevent Rodents to Invade your Property with Massey Pest Control Services


If your house or property is having a small opening or a hole or a crack in it, then you are inviting these rodents in your property. These mammals enter the house in search of food and shelter and create nuisances. These rodents will destroy your peace of mind and will cause diseases to your loved ones. To prevent them, you need to hire a professional and experienced pest control services.

With the experience of many years, Massey pest control is providing its various services in the US. To terminate rodents, it is important to know the habits and nature of these mammals. Our professionals are well trained to handle these rodents. You can schedule a free inspection and can also ask queries and questions related to them. 

Why Massey Pest Control? 

Massey pest control Services was started in 1987 by Harvey L. Massey. Till now Massey has grown to the fifth-largest pest management in the nation. We have around 2100 members in our 145 offices. We are one of the leading and trusted industry. Our goal is to make our relationship stronger with our customers and our employees. We are committed to providing the services with innovative and advanced techniques also keeping the safety of your loved ones and the environment in the mind. 

We also provide various services include rodent control, pest control, termite prevention, lawn and landscape services, and irrigation services. You can find our services near you, we serve throughout Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  

Rodent Control tips 

Rodents invade your property in search of food and a warm and comfortable place to live. To prevent rats and mice enter your house or your property, you can follow these given tips:

  1. To prevent the entry of the rodents use the rodent-preventing materials like sheet Metal (26 gauge or heavier), Perforated Metal (24 gauge or heavier), Hardware Cloth (19 gauge or heavier), or Brick with Mortared Joints. 
  2. If there are openings around pipes, seal them with sheet metal or concrete.
  3. Store the food in the airtight food containers and do not let garbage lid open, it attracts rodents and pests too. 
  4. Sanitation is important. Sealed the garbage cans and do not let water stand near your property. 
  5. You can also regularly check the infestation of the rodents in your house. They leave droppings, gnaw marks, and damaged goods, you can suspect these rodents with these common sign. 

Massey Pest Control joins rodent awareness week with the National Pest Management Association to educate people about the threats caused by rodents. You can contact us and schedule a free inspection according to your suitable time. If you have any queries, questions related to rodents, you can send online quotes to us our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.